Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg
Rehearsal studio with acoustically treated, double insulated ceiling and air conditioned, play hard with all the luxuries
A fully fledged pro recording studio. With a control room and a live room, ready to record anything, ideal for any band or performer
Our Music School offers lessons on all instruments with professionals as well as Sound Engineering and Software Tuition classes
Repairs to all makes of musical, studio and PA equipment. Synthesizers, Keyboards, amplifiers, graphic mixers, speakers

Guitar Music Lessons

For professional guitar music lessons, The Performance Academy offers the best in music lessons with professional rehearsal studio and expert instruction by our guitar music teachers

Piano Music Lessons

Want to learn to play the piano, then the Performance Academy is the place to go, our professional piano music teachers offer the highest level of piano music lessons at our professional rehearsal studio and recording studion based in Craighall Park, Randburg

Music Lessons in Johannesburg

Have you thought of learning how to play a musical instrument ? Performance Academy in Craighall, Johannesburg offer a range of music lessons for every level of musician, from beginners to the more advanced, we cater for everyone. We even offer advanced Jazz improvisation and theory classes.

Our rehearsal studio is kitted with all the equipment you'll need to make your music lessons rewarding and you can even book the rehearsal studio for rehearsals once you feel you're good enough. If you would like to record any sessions, we have a fully equipped recording studio as well, you'll be making music in no time.

Talk to any music pro and they'll all agree one of the most important aspects of learning to play a musical instrument, is to learn in a condusive environment. You don't want to be interupted by family or friends, you don't want neighbors complaining and you want someone around that can point you in the right direction and correct any mistakes as they happen. Our music school offers this and more, our seasoned music teachers will guide you through each step of your learning process, until you can play like a pro.

It's recommended that you start learning how to play a musical instrument one on one, you and your teacher, there are some music schools in Johannesburg that offer group lessons, but a one on one situation is preferable. You will get individual attention and you will learn at a much faster pace. Performance Academy offers one on one music lessons on a range of musical instruments from Guitar to Saxophone, Violin, Trumpet and plenty more! Also we offer training in various musical styles from Contemporary to Jazz, Jazz improvisation and all forms of musical theory.

You'll need to be able to deviate from a set lesson plan when learning to play any musical instrument, you'll need to be able to customize your lessons to suit where you are in the process of learning to play your muscial instrument, our music teachers will help you customize your lessons to suit your individual needs.

Learning how to play any musical instrument requires discipline and practise, you'll also need to make a real effort away from the music school, you'll need to ensure that you...

  • Make Time
    Make time to practice, preferably at the same time every day, this will set up a routine, which will make it easier to develop a habit of practicing
  • Repetition
    Instead of practising for a set amount of time each day, work out a set of repititions to practice, this make it easier to get through the practice sessions, time wont matter, it's just a matter of practicing certain chords 5 times a day
  • Rewards
    Reward yourself after a practice session, try play a full song, listen to some of your favourite tunes or get an ice-cream, you deserve a reward for sticking to your practice routine

Remember learning to play any musical instrument is fun and rewarding in itself, we will guide you all the way and you will learn how to play the musical instrument of your choice, call us now for your first music lesson.

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