Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg
Rehearsal studio with acoustically treated, double insulated ceiling and air conditioned, play hard with all the luxuries
A fully fledged pro recording studio. With a control room and a live room, ready to record anything, ideal for any band or performer
Our Music School offers lessons on all instruments with professionals as well as Sound Engineering and Software Tuition classes
Repairs to all makes of musical, studio and PA equipment. Synthesizers, Keyboards, amplifiers, graphic mixers, speakers

Finding the right rehearsal space

When you're looking for somewhere to rehearse, what should you be looking for in a rehearsal room ?

  • Budget
    If you need to find some rehearsal space you probably don't have your own rehearsal studio, so budget becomes one of the main concerns, you need somewhere that offers good value, don't go for the cheapest option, it's no good paying next to nothing for a crumby garage somewhere with lousy acoustics or not enough space
  • Size
    Will you be able to fit all your equipment into your rehearsal room ? If you're too cramped, you wont be comfortable and you wont perform to your ability, make sure your rehearsal room has enough space for all you equipment
  • Sound System
    Have you got a good sound system, if you don't you may perform well, but you'll sound like shite, so make sure you have a decent sound system and professional PA system with good speakers
  • Area
    Is the rehearsal space central for all the band members and is it safe, is it easy to access from anywhere and will you be safe transporting your kit to and from the rehearsal studio. Be wary of going to an industrial area, where there aren't too many people around, you might not upset neighbors with the loud music, but you will be an easy target for thieves
Rehearsal Studio Johannesburg

Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg

The main rehearsal room at Performance Academy is acoustically treated, it has a double insulated ceiling which makes the sound quality really top notch, and the rehearsal room is also air conditioned to make your band practice comfortable, you don't want to be dying of heat exhaustion after a 10 min warm up band rehearsal session.

The rehearsal room has a professional Samson 24 channel, 4 Bus mixer, powered PA system and 2 Wharfedale Titan 15" active speakers which means you'll sound as good as you possibly can, just the way you want to. We believe that by providing a professional sound, you will get to experience your band the way you were supposed to be experienced.

Our rehearsal studio is 6m x 4m giving you lots of space to feel comfortable while you hone your music, there's also a control room with a self contained recording studio which means you can use the rehearsal studio as a live room as well. The advantage of having a recording studio hooked up to the rehearsal room is that you can record your rehearsal sessions and then use these recordings to plan for the next rehearsal session.

The recording studion can also be booked to do recordings of performances, it's fully kitted with everything you need to ensure you get a top quality recording of your performances. The entrance to the rehearsal room is double volume which means loading of equipment in and out of the room is a breeze, no more squeezing into tiny rehearsal rooms through normal doors, and there's a loading bay right outside the entrance, so on and off loading is simple.

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