Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg
Rehearsal studio with acoustically treated, double insulated ceiling and air conditioned, play hard with all the luxuries
A fully fledged pro recording studio. With a control room and a live room, ready to record anything, ideal for any band or performer
Our Music School offers lessons on all instruments with professionals as well as Sound Engineering and Software Tuition classes
Repairs to all makes of musical, studio and PA equipment. Synthesizers, Keyboards, amplifiers, graphic mixers, speakers

5 Tips for Band Rehearsals

  1. Plan
    Plan your rehearsal time, don't just pitch up with a vague idea of what you want to do, or decide when the mood hits you. Make a set list, and try and pin down some achievable goals, this way rehearsing time is not wasted.
  2. Pitch Up ON TIME
    Don't be late, and make sure all members of your band know not to be late, if everyone just ambles in when they feel like it your band rehearsal is not going to go very well and you're going to waste time, and remember rehearsal studio time is money.
  3. Keep the volume down
    What! you may think this is nuts, but the reason you want to rehearse is to improve and if you can hear the more subtle sounds and nuances you'll pick up where you need some improvement, so when in the rehearsal studio, tone it down a bit and focus on the subtle sounds.
  4. Get the sound mix right
    Don't just pump up all the amps, experiment with the mix, make the rehearsal studio your experimentation studio, mix sounds pump up one track and then bring it right down, you'll find some interesting harmonies coming through.
  5. If it's wrong STOP!
    If something doesn't sound quite right, don't keep practising playing it wrong, stop and fix it, you're here to rehearse, so rehearse how to play well, not badly.
Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg

Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg

If you're in a band you need to rehearse, there's no way around it, if you want to sound good, you need to rehearse. The main issue with rehearsing though is that while you're honing your skills you gonna sound pretty bad, which is why you need a rehearsal studio.

A rehearsal studio will give you the freedom to experiment, to tweak your sound and it should allow you to do this without upsetting the neighbors.

Recording Studio in Johannesburg

Recording Studio in Johannesburg

Once you and your band have got your act together, it's time to record your creations, we offer a professional recording studio with all the equipment and know how to make you sound like a professional outfit.

We offer a one-stop-shop, you can rehears and then record without having to lug your equipment all over town, we have all the kit you'll need as well as all the technical know how to make the best recording of your music.

Music school in Johannesburg

Music Lessons in Johannesburg

Music is an art, and you need to hone your art, that's where music lessons come in, we have some of the best music teachers in South Africa available to make you even better than you are now.

We offer music lessons for most instruments in the comfort of our rehearsal room in Craighall, Johannesburg. Contact us now to make an appointment and let us show you how to become the best musician you can be.