Rehearsal Studio in Johannesburg
Rehearsal studio with acoustically treated, double insulated ceiling and air conditioned, play hard with all the luxuries
A fully fledged pro recording studio. With a control room and a live room, ready to record anything, ideal for any band or performer
Our Music School offers lessons on all instruments with professionals as well as Sound Engineering and Software Tuition classes
Repairs to all makes of musical, studio and PA equipment. Synthesizers, Keyboards, amplifiers, graphic mixers, speakers

Home Recording Studio Mistakes

You might think recording in a home studio is the way to go, here are some of the most common mistakes people make when recording in home recording studios..

  • Extra stuff
    It's important to have all those little extras that you might need during a recording session; strings, cables, straps, Blank CD-Rs, batteries and a whole lot of other things I can't even think of right now ( our recording studio is next to Music Connection, the best music shop in Johannesburg )
  • Know how to tune
    Make sure all your instruments are in tune ( we have specialists on all instruments on hand )
  • Label your tracks
    Don't label your tracks "Audio_01, Audio_02, Audio_03" rather take the time as you write the tracks to disc to label them correctly, with song title and all other details which may be relevant
  • Don't take too long
    Most people think that because they're recording in their own home studio, they can take as long as they want. The problem is that you can take forever and still not get the track down, set time limits, work out any issues and get the track down. In a professional recording studio, you'll take the process more seriously and you'll get the track down in the time allowed
Recording Studio in Johannesburg

Recording Studio in Johannesburg

No matter if you're a rock band or an intimate acoustic duo, our professional recording studio is ideal for recording your performance. The professional recording studio is equipped with a Trident 28-4-26 Series 70 console for ultimate control of all inputs ensuring you get truly professional sound.

The recording studio is run by Greg Bester, a well-known Johannesburg engineer/producer with over 12 years' experience in the recording industry, he's an experienced musician who's played with many bands locally and abroad. Greg knows all about recording and will assist you in recording your performance, ensuring you get a professional recording.

DAWs are also available: Studio One, Reaper, Nuendo, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ardour. This means getting your project to and from the studio is as easy as pie. Lynx and Apogee are used for Digital audio conversion, and 2 UAD cards mean we offer the best processing as well as many other free and commercial plug-ins. Yamaha HS80M monitors offer industry standard monitoring, so all round you will have access to a fully equipped professional recording studio.

Why you should use a recording studio

You may be hesitant in decing to use a recording studio, here are a few reasons why it's a good idea to use a recording studio, why it's of great benefit to you and your music.

  • Big enough for your band
    Our recording studio is big enough for your band, it's big enough to fit all your equipment and still be comfortable.
  • Sound proof
    Keeping out unwanted sound is critical when recording, our recording studio offers a sound proof environment where you and your band can record without any outside interference.
  • Microphones
    You need professional microphones to ensure that the recording is as true as possible, we provide professional Neumann TLM103 microphones, which offer unrivalled pickup and recording quality.
  • Professional sound engineering
    Greg Bester is an old hand at recording and knows our studio back to front, he will get the best version of you and your band.
  • Climate control
    Our recording studio has air conditioning so you and your band will feel comfortable throughout your recording session.
  • DAW know-how
    We know DAW and we have a range of DAW systems on hand to ensure that you get the recording you want.

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